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Raising Finance

Rapidly growing businesses looking to fund further growth or make acquisitions are not always able to finance their plans from cash flow alone. Similarly, managers looking to buy-in to a business or those looking to buy-out a business from its current owners, may not have the means to achieve this on their own. They will need to raise external finance.

There are several potential sources of finance to meet the needs of businesses or fund MBOs, MBIs or acquisitions. Assessing the options and choosing the right funding for your business is complex and can be a lengthy process.

Our corporate finance team help you assess finance options, understand the risks and secure the right arrangement for your situation. We work with a variety of funders including venture capital providers, banks, crowd funders asset-based lenders and grant providers such as local development agencies.

Raising finance is only part of the process for many of our clients. We continue to work with clients to conduct due diligence and provide ongoing strategic advice after finance has been agreed.

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